AR lawmaker’s impassioned speech on stand your ground bill goes viral

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(3/8/19) State Sen. Stephanie Flowers is trending on social media after this week’s passionate speech about guns and the African-American community.  

Sen. Flowers made the comments during a legislative committee meeting at the State Capitol that was discussing a possible stand your ground measure.

As public testimony hit the two-hour mark, the committee voted to limit the remaining comments to ten minutes for each side, prompting Democrat Sen. Stephanie Flowers, the committee’s vice chair, to chastise her fellow senators.

Flowers then defended the public’s right to comment, saying she believes her son, who is black, would not receive the same benefit of the doubt that his white counterparts would on either side of a gun. As she got more heated, the committee’s chair, Republican Sen. Alan Clark, asked her to restrain herself, which she refused.

“What are you going to do, shoot me?” Flowers asked.

Later, Flowers challenged the bill’s sponsor, GOP Sen. Bob Ballinger.

“I live in a county where people from the north, where Ballinger is from, come down here open carry for what purpose but to threaten,” she said. “I don’t understand this and if you want me to leave the room I’ll leave, but I want to vote first.”

She added that it was crazy that the committee wasn’t spending more time on the bill. 

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