AOSS Medical Supply works quickly to keep up medical supplies to battle COVID-19

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MONROE, La (04/16/20) — Medical supplies are selling quickly and AOSS Medical Supply in Monroe has been working hard to keep up stock despite items selling fast.

“Our demand for PPE products…just up to the roof,” said Eric Liew, CEO of AOSS Medical Supply LLC.

But the employees of AOSS are working hard to provide the best items for clients. “I myself and my team have been working 7 days a week and long hours. We want to make sure that our frontline healthcare workers get the PPE products,” said Liew.

A majority of their shipments have been to New York where there is a major shortage in PPE products. While many products are selling quickly, the most popular is of course masks, and with the rise in masks across the country, it’s important to know what type of mask you’re getting and the protection it will provide.

Liew says masks with the right filter can protect from aerosols and other viruses in the air, those filters are in masks that are FFP2 standard.

“The FF stands for filtering face piece P2 and that is compliant with the ASTM and the FDA standard,” said Liew.

The alternative for many is making a cloth mask and while that has some protection, it loses the filtering face piece that protects from air particles, plus it doesn’t have the same materials to keep the face area dry.

“When you create a lot more moisture on the cloth, it’s like creating more viruses on your nose and mouth,” said Liew. Liew says if you are buying a mask online, it’s important to look for scams and make sure the mask you’re getting is actually the right type of protection.

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