Answering the call: Ouachita Parish Police Jury approves new fire station for Whites Ferry Area

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Lahonda Litteleton and her husband have lived in their Ouachita Parish home, which is nestled off of White’s Ferry Road, for almost 20 years.

Littleton says if there ever was a fire, she wouldn’t want to lose her quilts, her pictures or any of the memories she’s made in her home. 

“We are out of the way of the west monroe fire trucks, it’s a large neighborhood,” she said. 

Littleton lives about five miles away from the West Monroe District 3 Fire Station but the closest parish fire station is on Wallace Road.

Built in 1965 the Wallace Road fire station has serviced neighborhoods like Littleton’s for decades. Ouachita Parish Fire Chief Patrick Hemphill says, with all of the growth in the area, it was time for a change, which is why there’s a need for a new fire station.

“That will help get us a better response time in that immeadiate area, but it’ll not only help those people that live in that vicinity it’ll help jurisdiction wide,” Hemphill said. 

The new fire station location will be off of Wall Williams and White’s Ferry Road. However, people like Littleton wonders about the money.

“I just wondered if they’re going to raise our taxes to pay for it or any other means of taking care of it,”said Littelon.  

“We’ve already saved the money, we’ve got the money waiting on us,” the fire chief responded. 

The new station comes with an estimated $1,200,000 price tag.

“If there should be a fire we would need the fire equipment fairly quickly,” Littleton pondered. However that call has been answered.

Chief Hemphill wants the new station to be opened by the end of the year and he reports that their is currently no need for additional personnel. 

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