In the final days of the 2017  Legislature, lawmakers are taking steps to quell widespread concerns about a law expanding gun rights in the Natural State.

The law would allow people who receive special training to bring guns in some public buildings like the state capitol, bars and also on public college campuses including sports venues.

Wednesday, the State House passed an amendment to a separate bill exempting college athletic events if the school produces a safety plan approved by state police.

“If law enforcement and the security plan is going to secure the safety of the individuals in the stadium by preventing a bad guy from coming in the stadium with a gun for example then that diminishes the need for the protection effect for enhanced concealed carry holders,” said State Representative, Charlie Collins.

The House also exempted public day cares from the new law and clarified the options private property owners have for banning guns from their premises.

The amendments are being added to a bill that also exempts UAMS and the state hospital from the new gun law.

The full package is set for a vote on the House floor on Thursday.