Alleged drug dealer donated thousands to Indian orphanage

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MONROE, La. (12/28/18) – Police say 138 pounds of marijuana in his home sent Mitch Adcock on the run. Some of his alleged drug money may have gone to an orphanage in India.

The children of the Santhi Orphange in Kakinada, India now have textbooks, uniforms, but more importantly hope. Little do they know that may soon come to an end. 

“When I told Sekhar who is the head pastor in India what had happened he was really disappointed he was pretty upset and I think also to find out that the support he’s been receiving has been ill gotten money”, said Orphancorks founder Michael Kasey.

But it didn’t start that way. Michael Kasey was a homeless combat veteran when he discovered his passion of giving back. He began making and selling wine cork necklaces giving the money to the orphanage. That’s when Aaron “Mitch” Adcock saw Kasey’s work on Facebook and told him he  wanted to get behind the mission.

Kasey never thought his biggest donor would be on the run for drug and firearms charges.
“This doesn’t make sense…I didn’t think it was the same person”, said Kasey.
Kasey claims Adcock has sent at least $20,000 straight to the orphanage over the last year and a half. But now that constant flow of cash has dried up.

“You can’t stop feeding orphan children once you start feeding them. We’ve got 40 children in the home in Kakinada who’ve been dependent on the donations from the fundraising we’ve been sending every month”, said Kasey.

The mission also provides education to more than  children from impoverished families in India and outreach to widows. Now they’re at risk too. 

“They’re the ones that are going to suffer”, said Kasey.

Kasey says if anyone wants to reach out directly to contact him at

You can click here to donate. 

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