AG Jeff Landry joins challenge to limit LGBTQ protections in Louisiana

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(8/29/18) Attorney General Jeff Landry joined a legal challenge presented to the U.S. Supreme Court to limit LGBTQ workplace protections Wednesday.

The 20-page briefing represents sixteen states that wish to exclude the LGBTQ community from federal discrimination guidelines.

According to multiple reports, laws in 20 states ban employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Louisiana is among those sixteen states requesting the supreme court make it legal to fire someone for their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Authors of the brief don’t believe special protection should exist for transgender employees, which was clearly noted in the briefing that reads in part:

When congress enacted Title 7, virtually every dictionary definition of sex referred to physiological distinctions between females, and males, particularly with respect to their reproductive functions.”

The original briefing was filed in Nebraska after an appeals court ruled a transgender woman was fired because of her gender identity. 

We’re told those in opposition believe this a “political attack on the humanity of transgender people.”

Others believe there are simply no special laws in place to protect transgender people in work environments.

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