Tesla is falling short of its order expectations.

And it plans to spend a lot more money to launch the Model 3.

Tesla plans to spend about 2 billion dollars this year to be able to get its first model 3’s to customers late next year and to make enough of the cars to meet the large demand.

Meanwhile, a solar company is having a sunny day.

First Solar had better than expected profit and sales.

First Solar is the largest u-s solar equipment manufacturer.

Natural gas prices are on the rise as weather reports got slightly hotter.

Power plants consume more gas as people turn on their air conditioners, making summer heat one of the biggest drivers for gas demand.

Forecasts show far above-normal temperatures spreading into the Great Lakes states and the Midwest next week. they are also calling for above-average temperatures in the southeast.

GMO tomatoes may stay firm longer.

A study in the journal nature biotechnology says the genetic tweaks produced plump tomatoes with longer shelf lives.

It was unclear how the tomatoes taste.

The study was funded by the chemical company Syngenta.