After the storm: What you should do if a tree falls on your house

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Recent severe weather has Troy Cage and his team working long hours. Rain, high winds and a lot of debris has plagued our area leaving many with a lot to clean up. 

“We asses it and we look at the safest way to go about removing the tree of the home. The main goal and what the insurance companies want also is to remove the tree without doing any further damage to the home,” said owner of Cajun Tree Cutters Troy Cage.

Kelly Cain said that she was on her way home when a tree fell on her house. Her husband and son were inside of the home at the time. 

“He said he felt all the pressure in the house coming in and out and about that time he heard a big crunch and the tree fell on the house. I freaked out, I was panicked,” Cain said. 

Most people affected by a tree falling on their property may want the tree to be gone as soon as possible. Others may just leave the tree sitting. However, Cage says there are issues with letting the  latter happen. 

“When a tree falls on your home, most insurance companies want you to get the tree off of your house as quickly as possible. Some people don’t understand that and they’ll wait, let the tree sit on their house for days, but you need to call a tree service,” he said. 

The most important key advice he says is that you need a credible business to get the job done to prevent any further damage to a home. 

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