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A Swanson Center employee was assaulted by multiple offenders

MONROE, La. - An employee at Swanson Center for Youth was assaulted by multiple offenders.

On Wednesday, March 13, at 8:05 p.m video surveillance caught footage of one offender followed by others walking toward the bathrooms of the dorm. At the door of the bathroom, offenders were seen
striking an employee as he stood in front of the bathroom doorway.

The employee was examined in the infirmary and was found to have redness and swelling to his face, an abrasion on his right upper lip and mild swelling to the left side of his forehead. 

The employee was interviewed by investigators on Thursday. He said he was asked by the offenders to open the locked bathroom door for them.

He identified Dangelo Dalves Givens, 18, of Baton Rouge as one of the offenders but was unable to identify the other offenders.

Givens was booked in OCC and charged with Battery/Correctional Facility Employee.

His bond was set at $7,500

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