A look into the final hours ahead of Louisiana’s 2019 run off election

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OUACHITA PARISH, LA (11/16/19)– The next few hours will define the next four years, not only for voters but also for those elected. With the clock counting down, candidates make last efforts to get voters to the polls.

“People have paved the way for them to vote, some people sacrificed their lives. A lot of people don’t understand how important it is to vote, this is not something you take for granted,” said Lonnie Hudson, (D) Police Jury District F Candidate.

Candidates say they have done everything from knocking on doors to socializing at a cheer competition.

“They’ve been having a cheerleading competition, it’s been a lot of fun. They gave me the honor of handing out the trophies, so we are having fun with the last day,” said Jay Morris, State Senate district 35 Candidate.

Some voters say they’ve enjoyed seeing how hard candidates work to campaign.

“I think they’ve been doing a great job out there trying to get support,” said Christy Shaddix, Voter.

No matter the candidate or party, those who are running for office say they just want people to do their civic duty.

“This is your voice, this is the way you move your community forward,” said Hudson.

One voter, who is taking that civic duty serious, is a first time voter.

“Well, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do , but I just went in there and my parents were with me. You wanna go in educated and you don’t have to choose everything if you’re not really sure. Just do what you do know,” said Anna Cranford, first time voter.

Others giving their advice on how they picked who they voted for.

“You just way out the one you think is the best and that’s the way I vote. I don’t necessarily vote for the party, but I vote for the best person. That’s who I want running our state,” said John Leach , Voter.

One candidate says the overall experience has been fulfilling.
“It’s always very rewarding when you get out and meet the people in this area,” said Morris.

The polls close at 8 tonight, you still have time to let your voice be heard.

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