In this week’s pay it forward, it was a Monroe resident hard at work that was the first to say,

“I want to pay it forward!”

Shavall Randell was working a job when he saw our Hixson Ford Pay It Forward sign.

Only moments later, Randell knew exactly who he wanted to give 300 dollars to, donated by the Northeast Louisiana Cancer Institute.

(/ paying it forward): “it’s united way and what they do they help area kids like runaway kids and they always give them a safe place, help kids read.  It’s an outreach to local kids to give them somewhere to depend on when they need help,” says Shavall Randell, Paying It Forward.

Randell says he appreciates what United Way is doing for the community.

He says he is thankful to be able to help them in return.

“Once you actually do something good it makes the day better. It makes someone else’s life better and it makes my life better too,” says Randell. 

So with only an hour to spare we head off to deliver our pay it forward surprise!

Jan Wawrzyniak, 211 Director of United Way of Northeast Louisiana, says Randell’s kind gesture means a lot to the organization..

“It is just awesome to know that generous folks think of us and are interested in what we’re doing and want to be a part of what we’re doing to change lives in our community,” says Jan Wawrzyniak, 211 Director of United Way of Northeast Louisiana,

Wawrzyniak says the mission of United Way is to help improve the quality of life for folks in the community.

“We work through basic and emergency needs. And in health, education, and income. Those are building blocks in our community we know that are important for everybody to have,” says Wawrzyniak

She says this money will directly impact individuals and help change lives.

“Overall it will help children improve reading so that they can stay in school and graduate. Help youth to know more about finances so that they can successful manage and be productive adults,” says Wawrzyniak.

Randell and Wawrzyniak both agree by paying it forward the community can succeed.

“It takes all of us working together to improve things and to have the best community that we can,” says Wawrzyniak.