‘A Batty Situation’ at Olla Elementary School: School Board Responds

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Students, parents and teachers tell us the bat problem was driving them a little crazy. Tuesday they asked the school what they were going to do about it. 

Doris Barnhill goes to bat everyday for all of the children at Olla Elementary, so the thought of bats flying through the school walls did freak her out.

“I was kind of worried too at the beginning,” she said.

As PTO president she quickly learned other parents were going a little batty too.

“They were kind of agitated at first yesterday but it is because they were not informed, but now they have been,” said Barnhill. 

The LaSalle Parish School Board got to work immediately trying to de-bat the situation.

“We’ve been in contact with 12 different agencies throughout the state and experts in bat removal,” said Superintendent Janet Tullos.

Experts let them know where the nocturnal creatures were hiding and they also learned it won’t be an overnight fix.

Although parents are very concerned about the bat infestation problem they are also wondering if the school board will take into account, other potential health hazards.

“Who do we need to speak to, to make sure that other things that could be harming our children are being tested for,” said one concerned parent.

“If they recognize a health hazard and they come to us and they say hey guys there’s something completely on another page, we have another issue right here, what do we do. We’re going to back it up and address it,” a member of the school board responded. 

School officials ask that everyone just be patient.

“We don’t really know yet the exact time limit and that’s unfortunately something I can’t answer for anybody at this time,” said Tullos.

Barnhill has this message, “Hold tight, let them do their job.”

Superintendent Janet Tullos says they don’t know the cost of the project but finances are not an issue when it comes to the safety of children.

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