9/11 remembrance at The Hub this Friday; Local artist building Twin Towers

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MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — “Part of my focus and motivation for this is the 22 veterans a day that commits suicide…I was on the verge myself,” said Michael Kasey, Artist.

Michael Kasey is an artist and army veteran who wants to give others hope after a turning point hit his life.

“I discovered All Secure which is a book by Sergeant Major Satterly from Delta Force in Black Hawk Down and I sent him a message…and he responded…and he kept giving me feedback and it was just fire for me. It was what I needed,” said Kasey.

Kasey is now building two Twin Towers to be displayed at The Hub in Monroe on 9/11 as a rememberance of the 19th anniversary. The inspiration behind his art?

“Well, I was in a lot of ways looking from what was happening in our cities. They’re burning down, people are dying on all sides, left and right and that’s why I paint these birds. I always think of a bird has a left-wing and a right-wing and when the wings don’t cooperate…the bird dies…and that’s us…that’s all of us,” said Kasey.

These 26 foot tall towers are being built for what Kasey says is a beacon of hope in our country today.

“Why remember? Is it to feel bad, to feel sad? I think it’s a hopeful situation because in those towers was everyone. Every race, every gender, every religion. We were all in that and it bound us together and for a minute, we were united and 19 years later, it’s like it never happened,” said Kasey.

Kasey’s art, including the Twin Towers, will be displayed along with other local artist’s work at The Hub in Monroe this Friday from 6-9 PM.

“Nothing is the same now. And it’s just like it was on 9/11. Nothing was the same on September 12th as it was on September 10th. Everything had changed,” said Kasey.

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