6 Year Old Keaton Jones Found Dead in Lafayette

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The search for six year old Keaton Jones has come to a tragic end.

According to Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux his body was found this morning around 4:05 a.m. in the Youngsville area after a pond was drained.

Officials found the remains of Keaton Jones at the bottom of the pond.

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Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux says Keaton Jones went missing around 11:30 Sunday morning in the Fortune Hills subdivision in Youngsville. The child is wearing green underwear and got out through an unlocked front door. Police are canvassing the area on foot, by car and they are using a helicopter.

The peace and quiet of Sunday afternoon quickly faded away as choppers, four wheelers and dozens of neighbors searched for six-year-old Keaton Jones.

“He’s autistic. He doesn’t speak and he likes to run,” said Gwen Derouen, a family friend.  

Keaton’s mom was too distraught to go on camera said her baby boy slipped out of the house while the door was unlocked.

“His little brother went out first, then he decided to take off after,” said Derouen.  

Keaton’s mom said he loves to climb and explore. He isn’t afraid of people, but because of his mild autism, Keaton cannot hold a conversation.

Sunday afternoon, complete strangers formed a human chain and searched through many fields and wooded areas around his home.

Wendy Schroeder lives one street over from Keaton. She said, “If it were one of my kids, this is exactly what I would want to see.”  

As the sun began to set, the Sheriff’s Office dive team began searching an area pond. The K9 Unit was also called in.

Many neighbors were holding each other tight in this horrific time.

“It’s so heartfelt. We are all parents. It could be anyone’s child,” said Schroeder.

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