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UPDATE: STERLINGTON, La. (8/19/2019) – An 18 acre, multigenerational living community is in the works in the city of Sterlington.

“One of the things that are most important to me is that we bring our generations together. What we’re working toward is creating a community where that can actually happen,” said P. Allen Smith, Lead Designer for The Gardens of Somerset.

The Gardens of Somerset is a 32 million dollar partnership between
Private contractor, P. Allen Smith and Covington Gardens LLC.

“It will be a very much farm- to- fork kind of community. We are excited about all the amenities it will have,” said Smith.

Residents can expect a restaurant, gardens, walking and bike trails. The community will offer independent living cottages, the main building with independent living, assisted living suits and a memory care unit.

“It’s a place where one can age in place and with a loving community around you,” said Smith.

In addition, Gardens of Somerset will have about 60 new full times jobs available.

“I say bring it on, right? The more stuff we have out here better this town is going to get,” said Kyle Keys, General Manager of End Zone Grill and Bar.

With the living community being home to 100 new Sterlington residents,
restaurant manager Kyle Keys hopes they will shop and eat locally.

“The more people that come out this way the better because that will increase the foot traffic, especially for local restaurants,” said Keys.

An increase in sales and property tax revenue could help Sterlington offset its 21 million dollar debt.

“I mean this is a growing town so the more people that are out here the more money that comes into the town the better for anybody,” said Keys.

The living community will be located off Lonewa Drive and is expected to be completed by the spring of 2021.


STERLINGTON, La. (8/19/2019) — The Gardens of Somerset are coming to Sterlington. It’s a $32 million dollar project described as a multi-generational community.

It will be located off Lonewa Drive, just west of Sterlington High School.

Construction is set to start in August 2019, and is expected to be complete in Spring 2021. NBC 10/FOX 14 has a crew working on this story for our 9pm & 10pm shows, and we’ll have more details tonight.

Below is the full press release:

Creating a life enhancing, multi-generational community that makes a senior’s golden years truly unique is the inspiration and focus of a new, state of the art community, located in Sterlington, Louisiana.
“This inspired living community will be built on the premise that life needs to be actively lived, no matter the age. Through the years, I’ve promoted a healthy lifestyle through my love of gardens, good food and better living. I see all of these ideologies being incorporated into this community” said P. Allen Smith “Our goal is to give our community members a living experience they won’t find anywhere,” he continued.

P. Allen Smith, in conjunction with Covington Gardens, LLC, will develop the $32 million multi generational community known as The Gardens of Somerset. Situated on a 20-acre landscaped site, the community will offer independent living cottages along with a main building comprised of Independent living cottages, Assisted Living suites, and a memory care unit.

The Gardens of Somerset is designed to offer community members a living experience that engages extraordinary finishes inside complimented by a variety of gardens outside. Specifically designed formal and informal gardens, green spaces, walking paths, water elements and nature preserves will be available throughout the property. Through design, programming and lifestyle, the Gardens of Somerset will be the leading provider for later life consumers in the region.

This multi-generational community will interface with surrounding neighborhoods, including the 400 homes of Somerset Park, a Southern Lifestyles Corporation development. “We are very excited to have the interaction between the two developments”, said Robert Daigle, managing partner and co-founder of Southern Lifestyle Development of Lafayette, LA. “Walking trails and bicycle paths and a community garden will unite the community on a daily basis not to mention the opportunities for special events on the dedicated green space that makes up a big part of the communities,” he continued.

The adjoining Somerset House will also offer the community a place for fellowship and fun. Armed with a commercial kitchen, Somerset House will be available for special events, meetings and family get- togethers.

A unique “farm-to-table” lifestyle will be the centerpiece of the community, including a large, working vegetable garden, where fresh produce will be grown and then served for residential dining. Additionally, a flock of Heritage chickens from Mr. Smith’s private collection at Moss Mountain will be raised in the community.

Construction of the major project is slated to begin mid-August 2019 and is expected to be complete in Spring 2021. The Somerset House project is expected to be complete by Spring 2020.

“We’ve been in the senior living business for many years and partnering with P. Allen Smith to build this inspired community will take the living experience to the next level for our community members,” said Rodney Thomason of Covington Gardens, LLC who will own and operate the undertaking.

Other partners for the project include Newmark Moses Tucker Partners, the Cromwell Firm and HARCO Construction.

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