3 Candidates Want YOUR Vote for Mayor of Richwood

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Campaign signs for mayor and town aldermen line the edges of Highway 165 as you enter and leave Richwood.
Three candidates are vying for your vote this Saturday in the mayor’s race.
But which is the most qualified to put Richwood on top? That’s for the voters to decide.
We asked each of the candidates what called them to throw their name in the pool.
“This is what I want to do. This is what I have wanted to do for some time. It’s not something that somebody had to talk me into doing, it’s not something that  I had to dwell on for a long period of time.”, explains Gerald Brown, Alderman and Mayoral Candidate.
Alderwoman Margie Davis says she never expected to run for an elected office….but that she feels like it’s God calling her to do so.
“I’m retired. I just want to sit on the patio, read a book, drink some iced tea, and watch the birds and the bees. But, I felt a pull on myself, and every time I said this is not for me, I’d get something else.”, Davis says.
Perroyt Epting says the town hasn’t seen improvements in a long time and it’s time for a new face to take office.

Epting says, “With all due respect to the other candidates, they’ve been elected officials in this town for the last four years, they’ve had a chance to express their desire, their fire, to show, to bring about a different quality of life for us, and that hasn’t been done.”

At a recent board of aldermen meeting, tensions climbed as financial reports showed that the town’s former fiscal administrator was still receiving a paycheck.

Another key issue discussed at the meeting, paying council members their past due salaries.

We asked each candidate why they are qualified to address these financial discrepancies.

“Working with the non-profit that I am, you’ve got to count every penny. They’ve gotta know where every penny went. So I’m a firm believer in knowing where every penny went. , explains Davis.
“You have alderpersons right now that have no idea how much money is in the town account, what bank do the town bank with. And I mean, right now it’s just the vision, and it shows because the town isn’t growing. And I want to bring the town together.”, says Epting.
Brown, Sr. says, “I spent 20 years in corporate America working with Chase in our mortgage finance area there, so I know a little bit about how to move money around and what we need to do for the budget.”
Trust…proven leadership–that’s often what voters are most interested in when selecting a name on the ballot.
“I’m a proven leader, I was a leader at Conway for a number of years. I know how to lead people and I know how to get along with people.” , says Davis.
But passion for success is important, too.
Epting says, “I’ve basically seen that the most attractivet thing the town has is the graveyard, which is the place of the dead. And the town itself is slowly dying.”
The over-arching agreement, however: making Richwood a great place to work and live.
“I’m a lifelong resident of the town. I live here, I own property here, I go to church here. So I want to see Richwood be the best it can be, and I think I can help with that., says Gerald Brown, Sr.

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