2020 cotton crop quality threatened by heavy rainfall

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RICHLAND PARISH, LA (KTVE/KARD) Cotton is not hard to find here in Richland Parish, which is considered to be one of the white gold capitals of the South. Back in 2019, they had a record yield due to good weather conditions. However, with recent natural disasters, 2020’s yield may not be so golden.

“To make cotton make any money this year, it’ll be really hard to make it work” Edward Greer, Cotton Farmer and President of Rayville Producers Inc. said.

The agriculture industry is expected to receive another financial blow, this time from cotton.

“Cotton keeps the economy going better than grain crops do. It effects everyone from the car dealers to the people in the mall, the people who work on the farms, to the growers themselves to the agrobuisnesses that serve the farmers” Greer said.

Even though much of the cotton remains on the plant, farmers are concerned heavy rainfall from beta has compromised quality of this years yield.

“When you get a rain event like what we’ve had the last week or so, that premium grade disappears. Weight in the cotton disappears, the oils in the seed diminishes some” Greer said.

Greer estimates about 10 to 20% of his crop is already lost. He says he will need to produce close to 1,100 pounds to break even this year, and set backs like this could spell problems for his goal. Only a small percent of the crop has been picked so far.

Cotton farmers are currently in the process of harvesting their fields, but they won’t know the total scope of the damage until they’re done, and that won’t be until the end of October.

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