Governor Edwards holds teacher’s roundtable in the twin cities

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WEST MONROE, La. (7/2/2019) – Governor John Bel Edwards visited the Twin Cities Monday to connect with people of different backgrounds in the Arklamiss. His first stop took him to the Saul Adler Community Center to speak with teachers, listening to their concerns and discussing their first raise in a decade.

“While the pay goes to the adults, the investment is really in our children. And we want every opportunity for our children to be successful and prosperous here in Louisiana. We know that it starts and in most cases ends with education,” Governor Edwards said.

And teachers were happy he took the time to listen to them.

“He has gotten to hear what’s going on directly from the people who are directly impacted. The retirees, the novice teachers, the paraprofessionals,” said Dr. Sandra Scott, a professor and music teacher.

Edwards’ second stop, an interesting new industry, a budding meadery run by local veterans. It’s like a winery but instead of using grapes, they use honey. And it’s the first of it’s kind in the Arklamiss.

“Veterans by and large are a very community oriented group of individuals. And so, that’s why our business model is local honey, local fruits and local veterans,” said Curtis Sims, co-owner of the Two Warriors Meadery and a veteran. “For what the governor has put out there is very similar to what we were doing already.”

His new bill, the ‘Veterans First’ business initiative gives back to those that have fought for our freedoms.

“This is just going to give a leg up to veteran owned businesses because we believe people in louisiana are uniquley patriotic, as measured by the percentage which is the highest in the country of people who serve, our active duty, reserve, national guard and the people who are veterans here,” Governor Edwards said.

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