13-year-old gives back to his community

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MONROE, La. (4/20/19)– The Chennault Aviation and Military Museum pays tribute to those who served our country.

Serving others is a true demonstration of selflessness and consideration.

At just 13-years-old, Gordon Lepp is trying to serve his community.

   “Volunteering, what it is to me is, it’s something–it’s not a big thing, but it’s something you can do to help out a lot,” said Lepp

Every Saturday, Lepp spends hours helping out at the museum.

   “Mostly it’s just kind of cleaning up the museum.” said Lepp

 From wiping down display cases, to sweeping the floors and adjusting the lighting in each room, Lepp is always offering a helping hand.

   “He has gone above and beyond. always willing to help, always ready to jump in. He has a very “go-getter” attitude,” said Mary Soileau, guest services coordinator at the museum.

Lepp’s first encounter with the museum was for a social studies project in fourth grade.

After being inducted into the Junior Honor Society, he needed several volunteer hours.

gordon lepp, volunteer
“I remembered the museum and i was like ‘hey, this is a really cool place. I’d like to volunteer here'” said Lepp

But he surpassed his required hours.

Now, he just volunteers to give back.

   “Even though you’re not getting paid for it, you’re helping people. You’re helping your community,” said Lepp

 And having veterans in his family makes it even more special.

   “My mother was in the reserves. My grandfather served in the coast guard and died a couple years ago and so seeing this kind of brings back memories of him,” said Lepp.

For Lepp–volunteering is his way of serving others.

   “Volunteering, yes it’s work but after it’s doe it’s something that feels rewarding, it’s something that…it’s just…amazing really,”

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