MONROE, La: (KTVE/KARD) — Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards has declared May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month. This comes after studies have shown that motorcycles are less visible than cars and are often unseen by motorists resulting in thousands of motorcycle riders being injured or killed every year

“I was really excited to hear that the governor was actually recognizing motorcycle riders because we are not seen like vehicles are so it means a lot to us to myself that he actually is paying attention to that” says Emily Dupuy a Motorcycle owner and sales manager at Warhawk Harley Davidson.

The center for analytics and research in transportation released data showing that the number of motorcycle drivers killed in 2021 increased by more than 6 percent from the previous year.

Governor Edwards says this information was one of the reasons for the proclamation.

The National Safety Council says distracted driving has been on the rise, increasing the possibility of a driver not seeing a motorcyclist.

People at Warhawk of Harley Davidson say when riding the motorcycles they often see drivers texting, eating, doing makeup, and more.

Distracted driving can lead to potential crashes between cars and motorcycles.

Marketing Manager and Motorcycle owner Spencer Carter says “You know when you ride a motorcycle you become very aware of your surroundings you have to to survive but when you’re in a car you feel like you’re protected so you’re not really as aware”

“I would save it 90% of writing is watching the other drivers are the drivers of the vehicles and looked twice save a life really speaks volumes because you might not see us the first time but you will see us the second time I hope,” says Dupuy.

Members at Warhawk of Harley Davison say members of the community are more than welcome to stop by and pick up a sign provided by the Motorcycle Awareness Campaign that says please watch for Motorcycles.

They’re free of charge in all to help promote awareness for motorcycle riders here in the state of Louisiana.