Local funeral homes still operating as normal, will take precaution when needed


WEST MONROE, LA (03/17/20) The death of a loved on is a stressful time on its own, and closures due to the coronavirus are adding more uncertainties as to whether or not residents will be able to lay their loved ones to rest in a timely matter.

“That’s our plans as of right now, you know, not to disrupt anyone’s lives, do the best we can, just keep going until it’s just mandatory that we not do so” says Kenneth Griffin, Owner of Griffin Funeral Home.

Griffin Funeral home will continue to operate as normal, at least for now. But they do have protocol in place should coronavirus cases start popping up here in the Twin Cities.

“Right now we’re kind of monitoring what the National Funeral Director’s Association, their attorneys, what they’re saying should be taking place” he says.

They are closely monitoring current CDC guidelines, and if push comes to shove, they will be ready to protect guests and employees.

“Universal precautions, face masks, shields, gloves, smocks, clothing protection, emergency showers. All of that’s ordered, everything’s in place” he says.

They also have a plan in place to delay funerals if needed.

“We’re probably looking at some type of refrigerated vans, like what 18 wheelers haul storing” he says.

They don’t expect direct economic impact like many other small businesses.

“I believe it’s going to trickle down to everybody, I mean, as bad as it sounds, funeral homes may get busier but the people coming in are going to have less money and less funds means more burden placed on them because they may not have jobs when they get here” he says.

The current CDC guidelines do not outline a specific ban on the amount of people that can attend a funeral, so this is why they are operating as is.

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