It’s something no one wants to experience — a hack on an email server. Well, that’s what happened at Griffin Funeral Home earlier this week.

Griffin Funeral Home noticed suspicious emails being sent from their server late Wednesday night. The emails were using co-founder’s, Glenda Griffin’s, name in the email signature but they immediately noticed something was off.

“It’s just odd because when we send emails we have disclaimers on every email and that was not done,” says Peter Tuberville.

Clients were even reaching out offering help. That’s when Peter and the rest of his staff realized what the emails were asking.

Investigators say if you got an email, do not reply and do not send cash. Contact the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office. If you get similar emails asking for cash by a person claiming to be stranded and needing money, don’t send money. Reach out to your friend and verify. 

Tuberville and his staff immediately contacted Yahoo but still could not gain access to their server. That is when Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office intervened to do an investigation on their own, but this whole process has not been easy.

“It’s been a nightmare. Just trying to get everything together,” says Peter Tuberville.

Tuberville offers one piece of advice to avoid this happening to anyone else.

“As soon as previous employees are terminated, change everything. That’s a good point or two. Make sure codes or anything like that is changed,” says Peter Tuberville.