Local church caught fire after storm rolled through Dubach


DUBACH, LA (5/23/20)– As storms rolled through early this morning, one church had to say goodbye to it’s building as it caught fire. It’s a call no pastor wants to get, but pastor Greg Tipton got it. His church, Mineral Springs Baptist Church, burned to the ground.

“It looks like there was an electrical line that had fallen across the top of the church. I don’t really know all the ends and outs of it, but it looks like that is probably what happened,” said Pastor Tipton.

The church has been part of the Dubach community for years. For some members, this is the only church they’ve known.

“Our family grew up here so it’s kind of like where we are from, it’s part of us, almost like our home. Maybe the church burned but with the people, we can still worship,” said Gracie Duke, church members.

Firefighters from all over worked tirelessly to do everything they could to save the building, luckily no one was inside. Pastor Tipton still can’t believe this happened.

“I think myself and certainly all the people that have been here at this church their whole life, we all can’t believe this happened. It just seems like a bad dream,” said Tipton.

Mineral Springs’ church members say the people make up the church, not the building. So they will hold on to their memories from that building.

“It’s very upsetting, like all the memories in there. I play piano and I personally practiced in there, we got baptized in there, so it’s really close to our hearts,” said Duke.

Though the fire destroyed pretty much everything, Tipton says they will rebuild.

“This is a bad thing, but we serve a God that is able to take bad things and make something good out of it. So I don’t know what the future holds for us, but we have faith in The Lord that that’s what is going to happen,” said Tipton.

He asks for prayers…more than anything.

Pastor Tipton says the church will be meeting in the parking lot at 10-45 in the morning to pray.
He encourages anyone to come out and join.

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