Local Christian organization uses faith to enhance the lives of Swanson juveniles

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WEST MONROE, La. (8/24/19)– From the outside looking in, it appeared to be a typical family fun day at a West Monroe church.

There were plenty of games, crafts and food to go around.

But there was something much deeper happening behind the doors of the Cedar Crest Baptist Church.

“I was incarcerated as a junior at Swanson. I was the first class when Kairos Torch first came,” said Kameron Spearman.

Just two years ago, Spearman was facing one of the most challenging times of his life as an 18-year-old Swanson Correctional Center juvenile.

Now at 20, Spearman says he’s a man of God. A change that happened within him through Kairos Torch.

“I am where I am with the Lord. I actually talk to Him, have a conversation with him, just be with my relationship with the lord,” said Spearman.

Kairos Torch is a Christian organization and its mission is to share the message of the bible with incarcerated men and women.

“Kairos means God’s special time, and so basically, we have a weekend each six months where we go in and basically do a spiritual bootcamp,” said Ben Bickham, a mentor with Kairos Torch.

After that spiritual bootcamp, mentors visit Swanson for one to two hours a week for six months until the participants graduate from the program.

The faith-based course–making a huge difference in the lives of incarcerated juveniles.

“The recidivism rate, which is basically the youth that get out and get back to prison, I think it’s 80 percent don’t come back when they go through this program,” said Bickham.

Kairos Torch local chapter is hoping to change the hearts and transform the lives of incarcerated youth.

They say the change starts with faith.

If you’re interested in volunteering to become a mentor with Kairos Torch, email kairostorchswanson@gmail.com

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