Local charter bus company feels negative financial impacts from coronavirus


BAWCOMVILLE, LA (03/17/20) “It’s pretty much ransacked” says Preston Mayo, Co-owner of Mayo Tours.

The coronavirus is not only impacting our health but it’s also causing economic disturbances, especially to the travel industry.

“We’ve already lost 100 percent of March, right now we’re at 90 percent in April that gone, the ten percent that’s holding on in April we fully expect to lose. May is, would you say a lottery? We don’t kow whats going to stay and what’s not going to stay” he says.

Mayo Tours supplies a variety of busses to a multiple groups, but closures are forcing their clients to cancel, leaving them with a hole.

“This time of year it’s mostly college sports and spring season sports and school trips, the local parish school trips. We do a lot of military troop movements, as of right now, some of those are still hanging on” says Scott Holmes, Co-owner of Mayo Tours.

The resulting loss in revenue has forced the company to temporarily lay off nearly all of its 60 employees.

Of the 3,000 other travel companies across the country 91 percent have had to put their vehicles in park. And Mayo Tours says that as they head into the summer months, it could be a pretty long road to recovery.

Each day of lost work adds more anxiety to their plates, and while they expect to stay afloat during this time, they’re hoping for some financial relief some various business relief packages to cover the bills.

There are still many questions regarding when they’ll be back up to full speed.

“I don’t know, that’s all up to, all up to God, nature and Washington” says Holmes.

The remaining employees are sanitizing their entire fleet, and they want to emphasize that they will remain open, so they will continue to welcome anyone who is still willing or needing to travel.

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