CONCORDIA PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Concordia PAWS Rescue Shelter in Ferriday is overflowing with animals with limited resources. 

The shelter’s secretary of treasury, Dianne Watson, says they are trying their best to better assist their animals  

 “We’re just a group of old ladies trying to do something with an old facility that’s falling down.”

The facility shelters many animals from puppies to senior dogs exceeding the capacity to shelter more dogs.

“We need any dedicated volunteers, big time. I mean, a four hour shift one day a week would be a big help to us,” said Watson. 

The shelter has a capacity to care for 37 animals, but right now it’s sitting at 47 dogs including puppies. Watson says this is even causing some distress in the animals.

“We really work hard at having them spaced and not all on top of each other in any way, but there’s just a lot of them and they’re all barking and so on.”  

But the shelter is determined to exhaust their options without having to euthanize their animals.

“Put a dog down that’s sick and has no way of surviving, that’s difficult enough let alone. I can’t even go there. It must be heartbreaking. Heartbreaking,” Watson explained. 

Watson says they’re hoping to get together with the Concordia Parish Police Jury to help them get a bigger shelter. But for now, she says they will continue to stay open and accept all the animals.

She says donations are always accepted, but sometimes it is not enough. If you would like to donate or adopt you can visit their Facebook page at Concordia PAWS Rescue Shelter.