CROSSETT, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) – It’s been two months since the Crossett Canine Rescue’s van was totaled while returning from a trip to Vermont back in March, 13, 2022 where they transported 21 dogs. 

“It was early in the morning and another car sideswiped us and sent us both out of control and flipping it,” said director of the Crossett Canine Rescue facility, Jeanne Hipp. 

Although an insurance claim has been filed, and is currently pending, Hipp says they’ve been relying on volunteers for transportation. 

“Transport on surgery day to the vet is probably about 15 to 17 puppies and dogs,” said Hipp. “We’ve been begging people to please help us with transportation. We pay for all the gas.” 

The non-profit facility shelters about 15 dogs. Seven of the puppies were dropped-off at the facility causing a financial bind. 

“To keep up with all their vaccinations and we’re stressed about the vehicle or when the pound fills completely up, we just feel overwhelmed,” said Hipp. 

The facility started a “5 Dollar Friday” donation for vaccinations, spay/neuter and heartworm treatment about a year ago, but now they will need more donations to purchase a van. 

“We do have a donate button. We also have PayPal. Thankfully generous people help donate towards the cost of that,” said Hipp. 

The Crossett Canine Rescue is also in need of other donating items including dog crates and puppy pads.

For donations, you can do it through their PayPal account at 

Or visit their Facebook page at Crossett Canine Rescue.