West Monroe, La. (KTVE/KARD) –As travelers prepare to hit the highway, local law enforcement have several reminders to share with motorists.

West Monroe Police Communications Officer, Mike Karstendiek, says the most important thing to do this weekend is just use common sense.  

“Just know that there are going to be people out and about, especially if you go downtown around Trenton St. and Antique Alley. “There are going to be families out there with kids, and kids sometimes don’t pay attention, and that’s why it’s extra important that the drivers in that area do pay attention.”

Whether you are driving in local neighborhoods or on the highway, law enforcement says drunk driving is always a major concern.  

“You know, especially during this time of year. People get out, they celebrate, they have a drink, which is okay, but once you have that drink, do not get behind the wheel,” said Karstendiek. “I mean, that is the most important thing, do not drink and drive.” 

Although most people would plan to watch the fireworks, some local residents say they would rather stay home with the family. 

“I’d just like to stay home. I worked until I was 70 years old, now  I’m 80, and I enjoy staying at home,” said Nellie Knox.

“I’m gonna stay home with the family, and just pray for everybody else,” said another local Patricia Taylor.   

On the other hand, Travis Mims says he will be celebrating the 4th of July holiday weekend outdoors.

“Oh, we’re just a group of families, and we get to meet at the lake to celebrate the cause of freedom. I mean, this is what it is all about . It is just getting out celebrating our independence.

The Louisiana State Police says they will be performing their duties with due diligence. They remind drivers to buckle up, every seat, every time. Never drive unrestrained. Always avoid distractions, and remain courteous and patient. 

“And we do have officers that are just going to get out and just be sure that everyone is having a good time but doing it safely, “ explained Karstendiek.