RUSTON, La (KTVE/KARD) — With gas prices double what they used to be in 2020, this has an effect on school districts having to fuel up buses. Lincoln Parish schools have implemented some changes to help with saving money on gas.

David Hoefler, director of Lincoln Parish Schools transportation, said “our outlying schools, Simsboro, Dubach, and Choudrant, will have to drive back into Ruston where we have a contract with Relodyne station to get fuel at a cheaper price. So right now we’re gonna have about 20 buses drive into Ruston to fill up and that’s going to save us some money for the short term. “

Lincoln Parish Schools is already looking into what they can do next school year to help save fuel and also help with wear and tear on the buses.

Hoefler said, “Instead of going door to door like we traditionally have in the past, we are looking at centralized bus locations, especially in neighborhoods where there are side streets where we could walk to an intersection and get on a bus that way instead of going to each house and picking up.”