LINCOLN PARISH, La. (9/6/19)– If you’re a teacher in Lincoln Parish, you could be scoring some serious cash next year. That is–if a new sales tax is passed by the school board and wins the vote of residents.

It’s a half-cent sales tax that would be applied to all purchases within the parish. The tax is expected to bring in $4.6 million, with about 60% of that money anticipated for teacher raises.

“We’re looking at $3,000 for each certificated employee that is board hired and then $1,500 for each non-certificated employee, that would be bus drivers, people like that,” said Superintendent Mike Milstead.

Louisiana gave teachers a $1,000 bonus this year–the first time the state has done so in a decade.

But Milstead says it was time to take matters into the parish’s own hands to give teachers more money.

“Since we can’t consistently depend upon them to make the type of pay raises they need, we feel like we need to step in and pay our teachers for the excellent work that they do,” said Milstead.

In addition to teacher raises, about 13% of revenue from the sales tax would go to beefing up the presence of law enforcement at school campuses.

The proposal just rolled out, but it seems like some Lincoln Parish residents are already on board.

“I really think they need to have it because teachers have done a lot for our kids and I have kids and grandkids and I believe that they really need it,” said Lincoln Parish resident Alecia Daniels.

The school board will vote on the proposal next month. If it passes, residents will see it on the ballot next May.

If residents vote in favor for it, the sales tax would be effective July 1.