LINCOLN PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Lincoln Parish School Board says students and staff are being affected by the uptick of illness due to not only Covid-19, but other ailments such as colds, stomach viruses and flu. 

For this reason, the school board says schools will be closed on Thursday, January 13 and Friday, January 14

“It’s gonna be difficult because I am working.” Says a Ruston parent, Edtarian. 

“And I have two girls. And right now, there is not a lot of support because the majority of my family is working.” Says Edtarian. 

On a statement by the Lincoln Parish School Board superintendent, Ricky Durrett, he says:

“As a school district, we will take this time to deep clean all schools thoroughly in an effort 

to offset the transferring of these illnesses.” Says Durrett

“If everything goes back to virtual, maybe I’ll just have to, maybe accommodate my kids.” Added Edtarian. 

Superintendent Durrett says there will be no virtual assignments for students and athletics will be addressed individually by schools as far as continuing.

He says students will return on Tuesday, January 18 following the Martin Luther King Holiday