LINCOLN PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Lincoln Parish School Board has proposed a plan to unify all four elementary schools into a K-5.

President of the Lincoln Parish School Board, Joe Mitcham says The sole purpose is to reduce the number of transitions for the students.

“Our young children, let’s say K-1 and K-2, they go to one school and then they go to another school for 3,4, and 5, and another school for 6, and another school for 7 and 8. By consolidating some of these schools they won’t have to change schools so often.”

The proposed plan intends to expand and renovate both Hillcrest elementary and Glenview Elementary schools. Mitcham says by expanding classrooms and parking lots, among other areas, it will be easier on the parents, and bus routes will be more efficient.

“Just the classroom size is large, and car and buses drop off places will be large also so the flow traffic is much safer for the kids and easier in and out for the parents and the buses.”

The $65 million proposed plan is funded by the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief. Mitcham says once extra wings are added to the building both faculty and students will be placed separately from other classrooms.

“They are going to have their own classes, so per student, per ratio to teachers, it would not change.”

On the other hand, Mitcham says both Cypress Springs Elementary and Ruston Elementary school don’t have enough land to expand, and rebuilding them would exceed the cost.

“Ruston elementary was built in the early ’50s. You basically will have to tear them down, and then where are those students going to go while you rebuild those schools for a couple of years?”

For the time being, parish residents will have the option to vote on the new millage proposal in April, and decide if the funds can be raised to proceed with the plan.

This is a developing story. KTVE will gather parents’ thoughts on this adopted plan.