Lafayette Parish day care center hit by catalytic converter thieves


Sarah’s Pre School and Day Care in Lafayette Parish was recently the victim of thieves who stole the catalytic converter off its bus used to pick up kids after school.

The owner of the day care, Jody Aycock, says the bus made a rough sound when they tried to start it up a few days ago, but they thought it was just because of the cold weather. He took it to a mechanic, and discovered the catalytic converter was removed from under the bus.

The catalytic converter in your car is used to control exhaust emissions. Thefts of the device are a problem across the U.S. The precious metals contained inside, palladium, rhodium, and platnum, are worth a pretty penny. The bad guys can cut them off your car quickly, then sell them to a scrap metal dealer for a quick buck.

The damage to the bus will cost $3,000 to fix. Aycock says it’s covered by insurance, but the whole situation feels is disappointing.

“Well it’s just unbelievable that as humans walking around here with that kind of mindset. They don’t want to work for a living. They would rather steal from other people. That’s not something that sits well with me,” said Aycock.

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