RUSTON, LA. (KTVE/KARD)– This fall quarter will be Jordan Rabun and Jalen Robinson’s first time away from home. They said they’ve spent the last few days settling into their dorms at Louisiana Tech University.

“It feels amazing,” Rabun said. “This is an adjustment, but I haven’t been on my own like this, it feels good.”

As they walk around campus, they notice other students wearing masks and following Louisiana Tech’s health guidelines. Jordan said he knows the coronavirus is one less thing he has to worry about once classes start.

“The fact that they have it so organized, it takes the pressure off of us and I can focus more on my studies,” ,” Rabun said. “With me being an engineering major, that helps a lot.”

Robinson said while the coronavirus is on the forefront of everyone’s mind, he’s not as worried, because he knows Louisiana Tech has put many extra safety precautions in place.

“I think safety comes first,” Robinson said. “Of course, you have a multitude of students here, this isn’t just like one person on campus, you have to look out for the safety of everybody and I think Tech is doing a great job of that.”

Although being a first-time college student during a pandemic will be an adjustment in itself, students say they’re hopeful for what the year could bring.

“I feel like I’m still going to get a good college experience,” Rabun said. “Tech is taking some good safety precautions to keep us safe, so I think it’s all going to work out.”

Robinson said 2020 has been filled with unexpected events and the change that comes with those events is inevitable.

“It’s a crazy year, but this is the quote unquote new normal, and change is part of life,” Robinson said. “If you don’t adapt to change you get swept up by it, so it’s a new chapter and we will adjust to it and I’m sure I’ll be just fine.”