UPDATE: (2/16/20)– It’s the second weekend Ouachita Green led Krewe of Klean as volunteers picked up trash from the Krewe of Janus parade. Ouachita Green officials say Monroe and West Monroe’s Public Works Department cleaned up most of the trash. They started last night, February 15, and worked till 5:00 this morning, making the workload lighter for the Krewe of Klean. However, Krewe of Klean expected to pick up several hundred pounds of trash today.

Some volunteer groups that helped were Keep West Monroe Beautiful, Keep Monroe Beautiful, CrossFit of West Monroe, and West Ouachita High School. In addition to picking up trash, any aluminum or metal bottles that are picked up will be recycled. Unclaimed beads can be thrown in a bin at Alley Park until Wednesday the 19th. These will be donated to Mardi Gras parades next year.

“I’ll tell you it takes a lot of motivation to come out after being out all night doing Mardi Gras. So it makes me feel really good that we have about 35 volunteers today, double what we had last weekend at the other parade route,” said Stuart Hodnett, Director of Ouachita Green.

On February 29th, Ouachita Green will be meeting at Drew Elementary in West Monroe to pick up trash along Arkansas Road. You can sign up on Ouachita Green’s website.

OUACHITA PARISH, LA (02/09/20)–The Krewe de Riviere Mardi Gras parade rolled out Saturday night and hundreds of people stood on the streets and caught any and all throws. While some throws made it into bags, others filled ditches and sidewalks. So…what does the day after a Mardi Gras parade look like?

“After we enjoy the parades and have our fun, we can get out and really clean up and make things look like it never happened,” said Adrienne LaFrance-Wells, West Monroe Downtown Manager.

Local volunteers grabbed the gloves and trash bags for the first Krewe of Klean in the twin cities. An effort to increase public awareness on litter being left behind.

“It gives the citizens of Ouachita Parish a sense of pride, that after the parade is over, everything is nice and clean and it makes you feel responsible,” said Stuart Hodnett, Ouachita Green Director.

Volunteers followed the krewe’s parade route and picked up everything from styrofoam cups to beads. Thanks to both Monroe and West Monroe’s Public Works Department getting a head start last night, the trash load wasn’t that bad.

“I’m thinking we are probably going to pick up several hundred pounds. I’ve been told the litter is real light,” said Hodnett.

Though Krewe of Klean will be picking up litter after the Krewe of Janus parade next weekend, they are asking the community to be mindful of littering while enjoying mardi gras festivities.

“Most importantly we want to put the message out to the citizens and the visitors that came out during the parade to just be responsible pick up your own litter as you enjoy the parade,” said Hodnett.

Let the good times roll…but after, pick up your trash. The Krewe of Klean is looking for volunteers next Sunday for the Krewe of Janus parade clean up. They will meet in Alley Park at 1 p.m. and there will be free king cake!! There is also a bin in Alley Park for any unwanted throws until next Wednesday the 19th.