UPDATE (5:00)– Volunteers spent their afternoon cleaning up Kiroli Park as Delta left more than 42 trees down in the park and across trails. However, thanks to some volunteers, they helped pick up all the tree limbs and debris. One volunteer says he walks the park every day and it’s important to keep it clean and safe for its guest.

“They take a lot of pride in this park and it’s important that when people see it they appreciate it. That’s just the way it is. It needs to be taken care of,” said Bob Draper, Volunteer.

Officials say Kiroli Park should reopen on Tuesday starting at 7 am.

WEST MONROE, LA (10/10/20)– With the storm so closely following Hurricane Laura, it’s leaving residents with a similar situation just 6 weeks later, Kiroli Park is no exception.

Kiroli Park is experiencing something very similar to what they saw after Hurricane Laura. Delta left almost 50 trees down in the park and both storms together have taken out over 100 trees.

Kiroli Park workers have already started cutting up trees and cleaning up the walkways. Many trees were uprooted and fell across the trials or into other trees. Some bigger trees even uprooted the asphalt on the trail. Kiroli officials say they have spent the past 6 weeks cleaning up from Laura. Now, they need the help of the community to clean up after Delta.

“Right now we got the park closed through Monday, hopefully, reopening Tuesday at 7 A.M. We are looking for volunteers to come out starting tomorrow [Sunday] from 1 P.M. to 5 P.M. Whoever is interested in coming out and volunteering, meet us at the front gate at Kiroli Park at 1 P.M. tomorrow. We’ll have all the necessary supplies and tools available for people to have a good, safe, clean up,” said Stuart Hodnett, West Monroe park and recreation Director.

Hodnett says they are going to work as fast as they can to get the park reopened and cleaned up. They are thankful for those who have been patient and volunteered their time a few weeks ago.