King Springs Water bottles spring water in West Monroe straight from the ground


WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD) — A new bottled water company just opened up shop in west monroe. This is a multi-step bottling process that starts straight from the ground and ends up looking a little something like this.

“Most waters that you drink come from a city system and just treating that–this is spring water and it’s coming out from the ground,” said Jay Yates, General Manager of King Springs Water.

“The water gets pumped directly out of the ground comes into our building here and gets stored in two three thousand gallon tanks and then it gets run through out three step purification process,” said Yates.

And then the bottling process begins.

“Our bottles actually start off as a–we call it a pre-form. This is 22 1/2 grams of PET Plastic,” said Yates.

From there the bottles spring into action and are pressed into a mold, cleaned, filled with water, caps are put on, they pass through a label machine, and eventually ends up fully packaged.

“We can bottle about 2,000 bottles an hour and our 5 and 3 gallon machine can do about 160 bottles an hour,” said Yates.

So now the question is, where can you find King Springs water?

“We’re launching in thirteen parishes in the area. Right now you can find the water in a bunch of gas stations around town. We just started last week being featured in stores,” said Yates.

While King Springs water isn’t available in every retailer just yet, they do have plans very soon to branch out for the local community.

Yates says their water is in the Now Save and Tiger Market gas stations. In the near future, they will be in more stores in the local area.

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