BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Keep Morehouse Beautiful, a non-profit organization in the City of Bastrop, received a $3.000 donation from Drax to help their project called ‘Fight the Blight.’  

Vicky Carpenter is the volunteer director for ‘Keep Morehouse Beautiful,’ and she says, whether they are abandoned buildings or overgrown lots, blight impacts most sections of Morehouse Parish in some way. 

Carpenter says the goal is to bring new life and hope to Morehouse Parish. She says the generous donation from Drax will help do that. 

“We couldn’t be more grateful for it. The money will be used to make our community more attractive to tourists, visitors, business and to whoever happens to be coming to Bastrop.”

The non-profit Keep Morehouse Beautiful is funded by private donations and grants. At the moment, their focus is to tear down overgrown lots on West Madison Avenue in the city of Bastrop. Right now, one of the lots is in the process of being cleaned up and will soon be vacant. 

William Alexander is a neighbor next door, and says this is a great investment for the community. 

“What we are doing for West Madison is good for the whole community, and especially my area because it increases the value of my property. Things are looking up and looking better for us.”

Kay King, CEO for Morehouse Economic Development, says Keep Morehouse Beautiful has targeted specific areas with potential opportunities to redevelop. 

“The structure sometimes has become functionally obsolete, then that building actually becomes a negative on the value of the property, so if you can get some assistance in getting that building removed, then you are more than likely to have someone come in and give a good offer on that property.”

King also says locals can expect to see more improvements in the city. Jennifer Lowery is a local in the area, and she says it’s a facelift Bastrop needs.

“It’s gonna be wonderful. Just like they started out right here, they can also start down that avenue right here and make it beautiful because there are cars going up and down all day long. I think it would be beautiful.”

If you would like to make a donation to Keep Morehouse Beautiful they can contacted at