MONROE, LA (KTVE/KARD) Through rain and shine, these guys are pushing through from one coast to the other.

“For my team we started in Santa Barbra, California and we will end in Washington D.C. and it’s to raise money and awareness and support for people with disabilities” says Jaime Jimenez, Project Manager of Journey of Hope.

Joriah Gorden is a member of Pi Kappa Phi. He says The Journey of Hope is part of his fraternity’s main philanthropy, The Ability Experience.

“So when I had the opportunity to cycle across the country and raise money, it’d my last semester being an active member of my fraternity. So, I wanted to capitalize on the opportunity” Gorden says.

The cyclists say it’s an opportunity to do something greater than themselves, while also experiencing summer in several states along the way.

“We went from California which is a breezy heat, and then we went through the desert which was just really dry heat upwards of 115-120 degree Fahrenheit, which was pretty rough. This is the humid aspect which, being from Washington state I’ve never experienced this, it’s really hard” Gorden said.

They cycled 80 miles before making it to U.L.M, starting out in Shreveport stopping for lunch in Ruston, then making their final stop for the day in Monroe.

“I’m a Special Ed. teacher by trade and having that connection with my son. These kids are great, I mean, when you start meeting them and stuff and they tell you their stories and how they get involved, it’s real heartwarming. And it’s tough!” says Kathy Terracina, A Local Connection with Journey of Hope.

Their next stop… Vicksburg, Mississippi.