JONESBORO, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Jonesboro community is mourning the loss of one of its own. The family and friends of Devontre Montavious Jackson gathered for a funeral service on Sunday, October 15. 

“Someone said Dee just got shot, and he didn’t make it. So, I jumped up. I looked up my phone. I have 32 missed calls, telling me to call them, and that something happened to Dee. He took his truck and somebody said someone did a drive-by shooting at him,” Devontre’s father, Terrance Jackson said. 

“It was hurtful to see it on the internet before we were notified,” Devontre’s sister Cy’rieuama Fields added.

30-year-old Devontree Jackson was fatally shot while driving down the road on US 167 between North Hodge and Quitman in the early morning hours of Saturday, October 7. His sister, Logan Leggett, is still in shock.

“To hear about how this happened it’s upsetting. I’m angry, I’m sad, and I wish this never happened. My brother didn’t deserve that, and it hurts.”

Dozens attended the funeral at Paradise Funeral Home. Jackson’s father says he wants to remember his son as a young talented musician, caring, and loving brother and father.

“Everybody says they loved his smile with those pretty white teeth. If he saw somebody on the side of the road breaking down, he would stop to see what’s going on no matter color, race, or whatever.”

“He was a loving person though. He loved his kids. If he was going out with somebody with kids, they were his kids. Period,” Fields explained.

Jackson says he is learning how to cope with the loss of his son. He says his family will never be the same.

“Your mourning might be two years, maybe five, or your mourning maybe three months. Don’t tell anybody, oh I know how you feel, no you don’t.”

Jackson leaves behind seven kids. Jackson says they need donations.

“The donations I get are going to the kids. They are going to need some help. I might be there for them, but they are going to need more than just financial help. They are going to need some emotional support.”

The Jackson family is accepting donations through Cash App $pastortjack. To contact Terrance Jackson, click here