HARVEY, La. (WGNO) — It sounds like jazz.

That’s because it is just that.


The musicians behind the beat are Louisiana students.

They are teenagers.

And they’ve got their very own jazz band as WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood wants you to know.

In the city where jazz was born and grew up and grew old, you can hear 16-year-old Sean Glay.

He’s a sophomore with a saxophone.

Sean Glay says, “jazz has always resonated with me since I was around four and being able to play it now is really important to be able to embrace that part of my culture.”

Sean Glay is just one of the jazzed-up kids at a charter school with the right stuff.

And the right name, all right.

It’s Young Audiences Charter School in Harvey, Louisiana.

Warming up for audiences of all ages is the band’s solo singer.

She is Sydnee Ridgley.

She’s only fourteen and a freshman here.

Bill Wood asks “why do you take time to squeeze jazz into your school day.”

Sydnee Ridgely says, “ever since I was a little child, a baby, always been part of my life, a passion and music when I was down or upset, it helps me make my life better.”

Jazz has been called America’s one and only original art form.

Most times, the music comes out of a club.


This time.

It comes out of a New Orleans class.