CHATHAM, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The Louisiana State Police Bureau of Investigators were requested by the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office to investigate a fatal officer-involved shooting involving their officers.

The owner of the vehicle where the suspect was found hiding tells KTVE news what heard that night.

The owner of the property where the suspect was shot, says he was sitting at the table and watching tv when he heard not one, but multiple shots just before 9 p.m. He says he didn’t feel scared but rather saved that the police was doing its job. 

A local resident also says he feels protected by the local police. 

“I do feel safe.” Says a Chatham resident, Sean. “I won’t be more careful tonight or tomorrow.”

But the Jackson Parish Sheriff’s Office had already responded to a disturbance at a resident earlier that afternoon. The investigation reveals the suspect had broken into a vehicle and stole a weapon earlier in the day. 

Officials say he later broke into the home that was located in Chatham and assaulted one of the residents and threatened to kill another resident. 

The suspect was identified as 63-years-old Michael Dobbins from Chatham. Officials say he later fled before they arrived. 

Officers later located Dobbins on Barnett St hiding behind a vehicle. Officials say Dobbins confronted and pointed a weapon at the JPSO officers. They say they fired their duty weapons at Dobbins, striking him several times. Dobbins was pronounced dead at the scene. 

“We have a good sheriff department here.Good police force.” Says Sean. 

“ I think they probably acted, you know, self-fit.” He says. “They felt the need to act, so I feel like they are trying to keep the community safe.” Says Sean.  

At this point, the owner of the vehicle also said he will shred his car, and that he’s glad the police caught the suspect, and they did exactly what they needed to do. 

This remains an active and on-going  investigation. After the evidence is processed and the report is completed, it will be forwarded to the District Attorney’s Office for review.