Jackson Parish Recreation District proposes golf course expansion


Find out why some residents don't think it's a hole-in-one for everybody

JACKSON PARISH, La. (9/17/19)– It was a full house for the Jackson Parish Recreational District meeting Monday afternoon. Board members, surrounded by residents wall to wall, each waiting patiently to express their concerns with the proposed expansion of the parish’s golf course.

One of the more outspoken guests at the meeting, Jackson Parish Resident Lynn Tubb.

“We felt that it was not advertised properly, that they proposed to much money to be expended on the improvement of the golf course,” said Tubb.

Tubb arrived to the meeting with facts and figures in hand. He says if the board eventually passes this proposal, it would force a $3 million burden on tax payers in the parish. He also argued that the board doesn’t have the finances to make it happen and will have to borrow money or impose more taxes and fees.

“We feel there’s not sufficient demand for a golf course in this area of the state,” said Tubb.

But other attendees begged to differ.

“People are coming from all over north Louisiana to play, and even us, we’re not even—we quit playing a few Saturdays ago because we had no room to play! I mean, it’s filling up. Every weekend, we’re filled up,” said one meeting attendee.

This monthly meeting went on for nearly two hours, with residents going back and forth with the board arguing both for and against the project. Board members, intently listening to each attendee, but saying it’s still too early to make any decisions.

“Right now, we’re just in the planning stages of finding out if it’s feasible for us to expand our golf course,” said Ricky Cash, Vice President of the Jackson Parish Recreation District.

Cash thinks the expansion could be economically beneficial to the parish.

“Anytime you have recreation, you get more participation from outside the parish as well as inside the parish.” said Cash.

But for now, it’s unknown if the plan will be up to par.

The next Jackson Parish Recreation District meeting is scheduled for October 21st. All Jackson Parish residents are welcome to attend.

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