Jackson Parish, La (KTVE/KARD) – Jackson Parish residents will have a new place to enjoy literacy, physical activity and the outdoors; all at the same time.

The Jackson Parish Library is now offering a new activity for all citizens, but especially for children and adults with disabilities.

“There is a high rate of special needs children, and they don’t get thought about when it comes to projects like this. That’s really something that needs to change.” Said Floyd Knox, Jackson Parish Library director.

The all inclusive library park is handicap accessible and features benches that turn into picnic tables. It Will also feature outdoor sensory based playground equipment and outdoor musical instruments.

“This is the first one in our area. There are a couple more like this throughout the United states. But this is a new idea,” said Angela Walsworth, branch manager. “So, many in our community will be able to take advantage of it.”

Some of those playground equipment will include a sensory based Miracle Museum with a dynamics lab, a spinatorium, a momentum corridor, and a tranquility corner.

“When you have a child with special needs, sometimes they get overwhelmed with sensory issues. So, a tranquility corner just kinda gives them time to just decompress,” explained Walsworth.

“I mean, I have a lot of family members with children, I mean, they have special needs and things like that.” Said Brandon Paggett, Jackson Parish resident. “So, I feel like that will be a great help to the community.”

The total cost for the library park is $635,000 from grants and private donations.

The all inclusive playground will be implemented within the next few months. Walsworth says residents with disabilities will no longer have to travel far to access a park like this.

“In order to get anything like this, you have to drive an hour, and when a special needs child is at play, they are just a child. They are just like any other kid.”

The library park is open from sunrise to sunset and is free. If you would like to donate to the library or purchase a brick, you can click here