“It was a huge misunderstanding,” says owner of the Hub after a gun threat violence forced students to evacuate


MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – A homecoming dance for a Louisiana High School ends in chaos after a reported threat of gun violence. 

A chaos that could ‘ve been prevented during a homecoming celebration. The owner of the hub music hall  says this was part of a big misunderstanding after getting a phone call of a possible gun threat at the hub.

I mean, we immediately felt like we needed to do something and my husband was out the door quicker than getting off the phone.” Says owner of the Hub Music Hall, Amanda Lyons.  

“And by the time he got here, it was a huge misunderstanding.” She says. 

Approximately three-hundred high school students evacuated the musical Hub after one student approached an officer saying a student had a gun threatening to shoot up the place with everyone inside. Lyons says the Hub security took action immediately taking the students to safety. 

“My staff was unbelievable, they immediately killed the music, turned the lights on, they got the right side of the room evacuated making sure that everyone was safe and very well taken care off.” Says Lyons. 

 “We got close to seventy-two cameras over here in this facility, so I immediately pulled off the cameras and I saw everything.  I was watching everything and I saw the police come up, and watched everybody being escorted.” She says. 

Lyons says it is unfortunate that such a memorable homecoming event had to be shut down this way

“But the fact that this is the day that kids live in, and they automatically assume to go negative and it’s really sad and it’s really scary that a memory such as this had to get ruined because rumors had gotten started.” Says Lyons. 

Lyons says she and her staff will remain positive and hopeful despite the incident 

The dynamic of the hub is not gonna change. I’ve always said from the day we took this over that there’s something about this place that is magical. We want everyone to continue coming here and feeling safe. And if anything, we will continue to do the security the way we do including high school students.

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