Congo president ends coalition amid political deadlocks


KINSHASA, Congo (AP) — Congo’s president has announced an end to the coalition between his party and that of former president Joseph Kabila.

President Felix Tshisekedi said that he will build a new coalition that will have a majority of seats in the national assembly.

He announced the decision to scrap the alliance with Kabila’s party after months of political deadlocks. Kabila’s supporters make up a majority in Congo’s legislature, which Tshisekedi threatened to dissolve if the crisis persists.

“We must not allow the future of our nation to be held hostage to political and positioning quarrels,” he said.

In recent months there have been disputes on issues affecting Congo’s security, organization of elections, independence of the judiciary, and management of the sprawling country’s territory, said Tshisekedi.

Kabila stepped down in December 2018 after he lost to Tshisekedi in long-delayed elections, but he still holds considerable influence because of the majority that his party holds in the national assembly.

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