International students at University of Louisiana Monroe will return to campus in the Fall


MONROE, La (07/14/20) — The University of Louisiana Monroe is now categorized as a hybrid university. This gives the opportunity for international students to come back to campus for partial face to face courses.

“It’s a way to remove a little bit of the stress for our international students for being away from home or trying to get through travel restrictions, embassy closures, those types of things…to know that they are welcome at ULM,” said DeVaria Ponton, Director for International Student Services at ULM.

International students we spoke with say the option to go back to school in the fall is exciting.

“Definitely thankful to ULM because they make it easier for us and they show that we’re welcome here cause I know some schools have to still figure that out. But ULM has been straight up with us,” said Raphael Akinpelu, Vice President for International Students Association ULM.

But being an international student is more than learning about American culture.

“Coming to ULM has opened opportunities for everyone who is very involved in other organizations and we’re able to have SGA, CAB, and others on campus which opens ways for us for the future also,” said Akinpelu.

“Our international students contribute about $12 million to the economy for the surrounding area and they also create about 150 jobs, just in Monroe,” said Ponton.

With over 300 international students on campus, these students are integral to the ULM campus and the university says they’re proud to welcome their students home.

“Not only are our international students reeping rewards of being on an American campus, but our American students are reeping the rewards from having international friends and colleguegs on their campus as well and help them become global citizens,” said Ponton.

ULM will be offering face to face, hybrid, and flexi-hybrid courses in the fall to accommodate for every student and major at the university.

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