WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) – The impact of inflation is affecting everyone in different ways, even prompting some pet owners to give up on their pets and take them back to the animal shelters. 

 “The rescuers are doing everything they can, every minute of the day trying to save as many as they can,” said Terri Matthews, shelter director of the Humane Society Adoption Center. “If we tell you no, it is not because we don’t wanna help you, it is because we are so far overwhelmed that even one more dog or puppy or cat can literally push us over the edge on whether we can help in the future or not.”

Just earlier in the day, Matthews caught on video a woman dropping off seven more puppies under 2 weeks old.  

“I turn around for a second and suddenly seven puppies are there, and we had no idea where they came from, why they’re not with their mom,” said Matthews.

The Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter tells me they are also having a tough time keeping up with the costs themselves due to the increased number of animals coming in. and in the last two weeks they’ve sheltered over 100 cats and 80 dogs. 

Matthews says some of the main reasons why pet owners choose to surrender their pets are because they move away, they’re back to school, or pets are not allowed on the property by landlords. 

“Definitely landlords are a big part of it as well. When you have to pay such high pet fees, especially when they are monthly pet fees, as much as you love Fido over there, you do have to be able to feed yourself and your children.”

If you would like to adopt or donate to these animal shelters, here are their links for more information. 

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