WEST MONROE, La (KTVE/KARD)– The 4-H organizations offer lots of opportunities and programs to be a part of inside of the club. Some of those are livestock or photography, but today we learned about the shooting sports program.

Julia Johnson, a former member, told us how shooting sports has helped her. 4-h shooting sports definitely taught me a lot about discipline. If you really want to go somewhere in the competition, you have to have a lot of discipline. You have to know what you are doing and then also the safety aspect of it. You always have to be very disciplined in where your rifle is and where your firearm is because it is a really big aspect of 4-h. You can’t do this without being safe.”

Anna Claire Nadler, a former member and current coach, told us what it’s like to be a coach in a sport she was once a part of. “It’s cool to be a part of that process for them and I feel like as someone who has been a shooter, you have a lot more things to offer because you’ve been in that even in their place, you noticed, you experienced those things and you’re able to help him a little bit better.”

Gracie Thompson, a current member, told us why she decided to get involved in shooting sports. My dad and my brother are both hunters, and so they shoot bows and go hunting. This was kind of something the one I was young when I started, so this is kind of a way for me to get involved.”

Johnson also told us what she enjoyed most about being a member of the 4-H shooting sports program. “My favorite part of shooting sports is definitely the community around it. There are so many people that come out and do this and you definitely see a lot of the young folks come out, from the fourth grade all the way up to seniors in high school, but then also the volunteers, so they’re out as well. Do you have people who were parents and they also have just members of the community who I’ve been shooting for a long time and they just want to see young people succeed, so they come out, and they offer their wisdom, and it’s such an awesome opportunity for us young people to get to learn from our elders. “