Hurricane Laura ruins potentially prosperous pecan crop


MONROE, LA (9/16/20)– Pecan lovers might not get their slice of the pie this holiday season.
Louisiana Pecan Shelling Company has orchards planted all throughout the state, but thanks to Hurricane Laura the nuts have been completely wiped off the trees.

“We’ve been looking forward to this crop for years now because we have had 6 years in a row of bad crops and we finally had a good crop. The trees were loaded but now they are stripped bare,” said Abraham Lincoln, General Manager Louisiana Pecans Shelling Company.

Abraham Lincoln says this year’s weather conditions for the pecan season were perfect, looking to harvest 3 million pounds of crop from this season alone. Now, they are only looking at 150 to 200 thousand pounds. That’s just over 6 percent of the pecans they were expecting.

“We haven’t raised our prices on anything in our store in years because we are making a profit. But our main profit comes from wholesale,” said Lincoln.

Lincoln says their retail business will help bring in a profit and offer pecans to locals. However, their wholesale business will take a hit as there won’t be a lot of product to sell and this is how they usually make all their money. Lincoln says there could be a shortage this year on the grocery shelves but they can only hope next year will be better.

“In history, we have seen where they had 7 years of feast and 7 years of famine. Let’s hope this is the last year of famine and we can go on a feast next year and have a good crop,” said Lincoln.

The pecans that are harvested this season have to last all year long until the next pecans drop in September of 2021.

Lincoln says Louisiana isn’t going to be the only one who could have a shortage this year. Georgia is the largest pecan producer in the United States and the impact from Hurricane Sally could affect not just the state, but nationwide.

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